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Have you been searching for a luxury SUV that’s safe to drive? Caruso Lincoln is the right dealership to find it. Here at our Long Beach Lincoln dealership, we’ve got an excellent inventory of new luxury cars for sale. Whether you’re looking for something super sporty or extremely luxe, we’ve got the right vehicle for you. One of the most exciting new arrivals to our Lincoln dealership is the 2020 Lincoln MKZ. Here’s why we think the new Lincoln MKZ is such a great choice for every driver.

Safety Features in the New Lincoln MKZ

The 2020 Lincoln MKZ is equipped with a plethora of safety features to help you avoid any potential accidents. Starting with the frame of the new Lincoln MKZ, which is solidly built to protect you and your four passengers in the event of a crash. Safety features now come standard with the Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ to ensure a safer ride in the new Lincoln MKZ.

The new Lane-Keeping System utilizes a camera to monitor the road and its markings. The system detects any drifting and alerts you to correct your driving by causing the steering wheel to vibrate. Additionally, the new Lincoln MKZ features automatic emergency braking with pre-collision alerts. This feature will alert you to potential accidents and will automatically apply the brakes to avoid any collisions. Other safety features include blind-spot detection and auto high-beam headlights. The former uses radar to identify any vehicles in your blind spot, while the latter uses light sensors to automatically engage your high beams when necessary. 

Drive Off in a 2020 Lincoln MKZ Today

To experience this great vehicle for yourself, head down to our Lincoln dealership near Lakewood, CA to test drive the new Lincoln cars for sale. Visit us soon!

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