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Here at Caruso Lincoln, we don’t just sell new Lincoln vehicles; we also have a state-of-the-art Lincoln service center. While many drivers know about the importance of oil changes, they rarely know about other important vehicle fluids. Our team can help you learn more about caring for your Lincoln Aviator with just a few simple tips.


The Three Key Vehicle Fluids

In addition to getting regular oil changes, which are vital to the health of your vehicle, there are three other key automotive fluids in your Lincoln Aviator. Coolant is an absolute necessity in your vehicle, since it preserves your engine. Without coolant, your engine will overheat, especially as temperatures start to warm up. We recommend that you check your coolant every 30,000 or so miles at our Lincoln service center. One other key fluid is brake fluid. This helps your vehicle to stop and start on command, so it’s absolutely necessary that you replace your brake fluid when needed. As time progresses, your brake fluid gets lets effective, which means your brakes will be less responsive. Ultimately, this makes driving your Lincoln Aviator unsafe for you and others. Finally, be sure to keep an eye on your transmission fluid since it is responsible for lubricating and cooling your transmission. Every so often, this fluid becomes filled with additives and needs to be flushed and replaced to keep your transmission running smoothly.


Service Your Lincoln Aviator Today

Without monitoring these three fluids, your vehicle could incur some very serious damage. So leave it to the experts at our Lincoln service center near Long Beach, CA. We’re happy to answer any of your vehicle maintenance questions when you visit us today at our California Lincoln dealership.

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