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  • Brian Asciak
    General Manager

    Brian has been with Caruso Ford and Lincoln his whole career, starting in 1987 as a sales consultant. He loves this job because each day is a bit different and holds new opportunities to satisfy his customers. When Brian isn't at the dealership, he spends time with his three daughters in Yorba Linda and watches as much soccer as possible. When he's not watching soccer, you'll find Brian playing on Sundays in a men's adult league. Brian was actually born and raised in Malta, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, and moved here in 1986!

  • Juan Alarcon
    Service Manager

    Juan has been with Caruso Ford and Lincoln his whole automotive career, starting in 1988. He loves helping his customers with their automotive needs and getting them back on the road again as quickly as possible. Juan enjoys spending his free time with his two sons being outdoors, biking, and kayaking. We're happy to tell everyone that Juan was in the top 5% for the Customer Satisfaction Lincoln Premier Experience with the Ford Motor Company in the first quarter of 2014!

  • Tom Arthur
    Sales Director
    562 426-5110

    Tom has been loving the car industry for 42 years, with over half his time at Caruso Ford and Lincoln since 1988. He loves getting his customers a good deal no matter the situation. When Tom's not at work, you'll probably find him camping, dirt bike riding, or working around the house in Lake Forest.

  • Atef Hamdan
    Sales Manager

    Atef has been working in the auto industry for over 28 years! Since 2006, he's been helping the customers of Caruso Lincoln get in the vehicle of their dreams. During his time off, Atef enjoys going to for walks in his South Bay neighborhood.

  • Mark Bligh
    Parts Manager
    562-426-3301 x1225

    Mark has 28 years in the automotive industry and 23 of those has been with the Caruso Team. He's always been a big fan of Ford vehicles and loves seeing the new models roll out. Mark likes to spend his free time with his wife and daughters in Lakewood. Each month, they hop in their F-150 for a road trip to explore new places!

  • Ramiro "Mido" Huizar
    Collision Center Manager
    562 426-3301 x1240

    Mido has worked in the car industry for 32 years and joined the Caruso Team in 2008. He enjoys customer interaction and helping people to the best of his abilities. In his free time, Mido enjoys mountain biking to stay fit, but he doesn't limit himself to just biking, he loves to play all sports.

  • Robert Diaz
    Pre-Owned Manager

  • Vince Vaught

    Vincent has been working in the automotive industry for over 25 years, 19 of those with Caruso Ford Lincoln.  Each day he looks forward to meeting and helping new customers.  While living in Huntington Beach, he uses his free time to shoot pool, go boating, play golf, and watch movies.

  • Salvador Munoz
    Financial Services Manager
    562 627-5100

    Salvador loves the opportunity to communicate with all kinds of people.  He's been honing his craft for over 30 years in the auto industry, helping Caruso Ford Lincoln customers since 1992.  As a member of the Huntington Park community, he enjoys watching his kids play soccer.  You might be surprised to learn that Salvador has seven brothers and no sisters!

  • David Randazzo
    Finance Manager

  • Fred Sepanlou
    Lease Manager

    Fred has been helping customers in the car world for 28 years now. We're very lucky to have him as a Caruso Ford & Lincoln family member since 1992. When Fred isn't working, he enjoys walking and playing tennis in his Beverly Hills community.

  • Jonathan Unroe
    Product Specialist

    Jon started with Caruso Ford Lincoln in February 2018.  This is his first job in the automotive industry yet he's followed the trends and loves reading and learning about the latest events in the Car World.  Jon lives with his wife in Fountain Valley and besides spending time with her, he likes to film car shows in his spare time.  Plus he likes acquiring content for his Automotive YouTube Channel -- JonnyOC.  He went to school at the University of Kentucky, loves basketball, and speaks German fluently.

  • Cindy Seki-Stewart
    Courtesy Delivery Manager
    562-426-3301 x1157

    Cindy has enjoyed learning about all the aspects of the automotive industry for 25 years. Since 2002, she has really enjoyed meeting a lot of fun and interesting people and clients with Caruso Ford and Lincoln. When Cindy has free time, she likes to spend it with her husband and two sons in Long Beach. You can usually find them at baseball games, basketball games, or enjoying a BBQ. Most might not know that before Cindy had kids, she backpacked through Macho Picchu, Peru and spent time in Okinawa, Mexico, and various places across the USA! She is looking forward to planning a big family trip.

  • Christine Rico
    Fleet Sales Manager

    team. She looks forward to each day being a little different than the day before. It's also a great joy to find the proper vehicle to suit her customers' needs, personal or business. When Christine has free time, she likes to work out, play tennis, and relax on the beach. She also loves traveling to new destinations and experiencing new things!

  • Matt Soliman
    Assistant Sales Manager
    562 627-5100

    Matt has spent his whole automotive industry career with Caruso Ford Lincoln beginning in 1998!  He enjoys working with customers to find their perfect automotive fit.  When Matt isn't servicing his Caruso customers, he enjoys spending time with his family in Buena Park.  

  • Saleem Nayfeh
    Assistant Sales Manager
    562 627-5100

    Saleem has been helping Caruso Ford customers since 1988!  His favorite part is the daily interaction with a variety of people.  Saleem enjoys fishing and camping when he's not busy helping customers.

  • Jeannie Peikert
    Fleet and Lease Manager

    Jeannie has been working in the auto industry for 35 years. Since 2008, she has been very happy to meet so many wonderful Caruso Ford and Lincoln customers. When Jeannie has free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and playing with her dog, Honey Bunny. You may not know that Jeannie is a 6th generation Californian, and she's afraid of the dark!

  • Pravin Thakkar
    Sales Consultant
    562 627-5100

    Pravin has been a valued member of the Caruso Ford Lincoln team since 1994!  He loves his job because he gets to meet new people and help them make decisions on most people's second largest investment.  When Pravin is not working, he enjoys going for scenic drives, walking, and appreciating nature's splendor.  At home in Long Beach, he loves listening to country and classical music.

  • Jason Barnum
    Sales Consultant

    Jason lives in Lakewood and first began working at Caruso Ford Lincoln in 2004. He loves to spend his off time with family and eating really good food. Jason is well known for his sense of humor and the jokes he tells. Not many know he was born on the Island of Cebu in the Phillipines.

  • Ali Azemoon
    Sales Consultant

    Ali lives in Gardena and joined Caruso Ford Lincoln in September 2014.  He's been in the car business since 2009.  Ali loves to study, exercise, stay abreast of current events, and browse the web.  His spare time is taken up with friends and family.

  • Pedro Bolanos
    Sales Associate

  • Bryan Portillo
    Sales Consultant

    Bryan has been a part of our family since April 2016.  He started in the automobile business about two years before that.  What he really enjoys is the chance to drive the newest cars, trucks, and SUV's.  If Bryan isn't at home in Paramount nor at work, there's a good chance he's fishing.  That's a passion.

  • Maged "Mike" Ibrahim
    Sales Consultant

    January, 2018 brought Maged (aka Mike) to Caruso Ford Lincoln.  Maged has been involved in the automobile industry for over 20 years now and enjoys the interaction with the public most of all.  When he's not at home in Bellflower you're likely to find him walking the beach just to relax and enjoy life.

  • John Flores
    Sales Consultant
    562 627-5100

    John J. Flores, Jr. joined up with Caruso Ford Lincoln in January 2019 for his first experience in the automobile industry.  He's definitely excited to learn and to have fun doing it.  Time off will often find John with his family at home in Downey (probably watching movies).  Unless you know John well, you wouldn't know that he's also an accomplished artist. 

  • Allex Ali
    Sales Consultant

    March, 2019 is when Allex began with Caruso Ford Lincoln.  He's been in this business since early 2018 and loves the part about being able to meet new people every day.  When not at work, Allex is usually at home with the kids and family (or sightseeing).  Before coming to California, he lived in London, U.K.

  • Kevin Romero
    Sales Consultant

    Kevin arrived to work at Caruso Ford Lincoln in August 2019 after two years in the auto industry.  Every day for Kevin is different and brings him new challenges and he loves that.  He lives in Los Angeles and loves to go out and explore the city and surrounding areas.  Trying new restaurants and visiting random activities and events are fun for Kevin.  He's a huge car "nerd" with a huge passion for motor sports.

  • Katerine Mendoza

    Katerine began working with Caruso Ford Lincoln in December, 2018, but has has been in the auto industry for much longer than that.  She loves the constant introduction of new vehicles with ever more technology.  Free time finds her with friends and family around home in Lynwood.  Course much of that free time is taken up with the necessities of shopping and staying current with makeup!  People often don't realize the lofty goals, Katerine has.  One of those is to become an FBI Agent!!

  • Yadira "Vanessa" Hidalgo
    BDC/Internet Representative
    562 627-5100

    Yadira Vanessa Hidalgo has been with Caruso Ford Lincoln since January 2019.  She's been in the car industry since 2013 and loves speaking to people, they are her number one priority.  Off work she's usually at home in Los Angeles with three kids and a husband.  It's hard to believe that Yadira was only 18 when she began working in the auto industry.

  • Heiata Keliiholokai
    New Car Customer Relations Representative
    562 627-5100

    Heiata has been a member of the Caruso Ford and Lincoln team since 1991!!  She loves to meet all the difference Caruso customers that come from all over the world, making sure that they are completely satisfied with their purchase or their service.  Watching her customers drive off with a smile let's her know she has done her job well.  When Heiata isn't making her customers happy, you'll probably find her dancing salsa, tango or polynesian.  Or you might catch her motorcycling, walking on the beach, or at yoga.  Mostly, she loves spending time with all 8 of her grandchildren.

  • Maria Montanez
    562 327-5100

    Maria has been part of the Caruso Team since August 2000.  She loves working with so many great people and building quality relationships with her customers.  Maria enjoys spending time with her family in Lakewood.  You'll usually find her attending her kids' high school games and travelling to games on weekends.  If she's not at the field though, she's probably shopping or gardening.  Maria isalso a foster parent.  It is very rewarding for her to help children who might be in a difficult situation.

  • Ernesto Granados-Ruiz
    Collision Center Parts Advisor
    562 627-5100

    Ernesto has been in the car industry for over 25 years and a Caruso Ford Lincoln Team member since 2011.  He loves this industry because there is always something new in the process of repairs and administration.  During his free time, Ernesto enjoys being with his family in Los Angeles.  He also collects old coins!

  • Joanna Guesno
    Business Office Accounts Payable
    562 627-5100

    Joanna has been in the car industry for over 10 years now and has been a member of the Caruso Team since 2011.  She loves being able to help her customers turn a negative experience, like a car accident, into a positive experience through great service and guidance.  She hopes to make her customers glad to know that she's on their side and happy to help.  When Joanna has free time, she likes to be with her close friends and family in Signal Hill.  You might be surprised to learn Joanna has a Great Dane at home who always spins counter-clockwise when he's happy or excited!

  • Carmen Covarubias
    Collision Center Administrative Assistant
    562 627-5100

    Carmen originally came to work with Caruso Ford Lincoln in late 2001.  She loves being able to provide outstanding customer service.  Time off at home with family includes lively walks and gardening.  Most people don't know Carmen loves to garden.

  • Hannah Chalfant
    Customer Service Representative

    Hannah came to Caruso Ford Lincoln in 2014 and was her introduction to the car industry.  She loves the fast-paced environment and guiding customers through the repair process at the Collision Center.  When Hannah isn't at work, she spends her time at home in Huntington Beach playing World of Warcraft and hanging out with her boyfriend, her dog, Boji, and her cat, Chan.  Many people don't know that Hannah was raised in Des Moines, Iowa and her first job in high school was detasseling corn.

  • Delmys "Daisy" Torres
    Customer Service Representative

    Daisy just began working here in the Collision Center at Caruso Ford Lincoln in April, 2019.  She's been impressed with the warm family atmosphere she's found here at Caruso.  Daisy has a busy life - when not at work she's with her son and niece at home in L.A.  She enjoys camping with the family, reading, going to the movies, and having family game night.  Family consists of (but not necessarily limited to) her son and niece (almost brother and sister), both parents, three older sisters, and a long time boy friend.